Age: 39
Occupation: Domestic Goddess
Kids: 7 age ranges 20-4
I have been with the VA since May 2013.
Outside of vixen my life is hectic😊. I am a student at UM. I have wifely duties, and all of my children are involved in extracurricular activities. In the fall we travel a lot to every football game in Florida and other states because my oldest son plays football at UF. I also attend football/basketball games with one of my daughters in high school we cheers. We have a daughter who has music lessons. Two daughters dance and play volleyball. And I have to make sure homework is right.
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Vixen has tremendously helped me with my weight loss goals. Since starting in May 2013, I have lost almost 40 pounds.
What I love most about the workout is how I feel when I am "performing." I am so many things to do many people and I love to take that one hour to just be me. I also love the woman that I have met and helping to support them on their various life journeys.
When I started vixen I was recovering from surgery that I had due to cervical cancer. I also had a newborn. My spirit felt broken. I had lost myself. Through Janet's inspiration and all of the instructors that I have met, I slowly but surely improved my confidence as started to value myself more. I realized that I can do whatever I seek to achieve. It also changed my outlook on life in general. You never know what anyone is going through but the time taken for yourself to do the workout, and the way you feel when you leave can spill over into everyday personal life.
 If I were a Popstar my name would be Alana Allure
Fave Routine: Wow...that's really hard. I really like the new "Work" routine. "I'm the Issh" & "Burn"
Fave Cheat Meal: Pizza and carvel ice cream cones (with sprinkles)
Fave Lipstick: MAC Media
Fave Popstar: Janet Jackson
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