Vixen partnered up with Propel Water this passed weekend in their CO:LABS event in NYC.    Vixen founder, Janet Jones (aka "The Bawse") lead the workout with dozens of fitness enthusiasts most of whom were new to the #Vixenarmy.  The theme for the weekend was #Madetomove and Propel did a great job in making sure everyone did just that.  Propel Co:Labs event was loads of fun and we are so excited to welcome the new members to the #Vixenarmy.  Check out some event pics below. [gallery ids="646,645,665,663,671,666,648,652,653,654,650,657,656,660,659,670,668" type="rectangular"]

The Real Reason I Hate Valentine’s Day

I’ve never really liked Valentine’s Day. It’s not because I was traumatized after so many years of finding myself without a plus one on February 14. Although, Facebook can sure make you feel pathetic on that day if you’re riding solo! Nor is it the cheesy spa treatments, bad love notes, overpriced restaurant menus, and cheap chocolate. To be honest, what irritates me most about V-Day is the love thing. On Valentine’s Day, we’re encouraged to show love to people we care about, specifically a romantic partner. For those of us who don’t have a romantic partner at the time, it’s really easy to feel less than. Our insecurities about not feeling like enough are magnified during this time, obviously. Yet, as a member of the Vixen Army, we know that those insecurities are bullshit. A boyfriend, girlfriend, job, money, or even a Valentine’s gift is not going to mend the hole we sometimes feel inside. The outside validation we sometimes seek can only be satisfied by our own love. Logically, we understand that, right? For this reason, we are now told that self-love is the answer. Love yourself and all will be well. On the days we’re sad, all we have to do is give ourselves an internal hug and wha-la, we’re fixed! It all sounds so magical. But what if, we don’t know what love really is? What if, we don’t even know how to love ourselves? Then what? I didn’t grow up in a huggie family or in a I-love-you family. And although I was absolutely loved and shown love in different ways, it seems most often the examples I saw — and probably the examples you saw, too — were always tainted with human imperfection. Love came with expectations, judgments, and disappointments. So when it was time to love myself, I didn’t know where to start. First, I tried what Valentine’s Day tells us to do: fill the void with cheesy relationships, bad love notes, and cheap chocolate. When that didn’t work, I decided to search for my own definition of love. Eventually, I found a starting point for self-love. Love starts with faith. And not the religious kind we’re all so scared about. The faith that we are enough just they we are. The faith that we deserve all of our dreams. The faith that we are worthy of love. That’s where self-love starts. It starts with faith because, even if we can grasp the concept of love, the truth is we’re not sure if it’s for us. Having faith in love is a gesture that says to the universe, “Hmm, I’m not sure about this love thing. I’m not sure I even deserve it, but I’m willing to believe. I’m willing to trust you, anyway.” Faith, on its own, is an act of love. It is the gesture that opens our hearts to both the world and ourselves. Regardless of our circumstances this Valentine’s Day, there’s no greater gift we can give ourselves than faith. Faith in our dreams. Faith in our magical capabilities. Faith in our ability to love others and ourselves. We might not be there just yet, but we believe in ourselves. And that, my friend, is hot, sexy love. Logo with Tagline.jpg            
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Member Spotlight: Sonya Cronkite

Vixen has tremendously helped me with my weight loss goals. Since starting in May 2013, I have lost almost 40 pounds. What I love most about the workout is how I feel when I am "performing." I am so many things to do many people and I love to take that one hour to just be me. I also love the woman that I have met and helping to support them on their various life journeys. Vixen has tremendously helped me with my weight loss goals. Since starting in May 2013, I have lost almost 40 pounds. What I love most about the workout is how I feel when I am "performing." I am so many things to do many people and I love to take that one hour to just be me. I also love the woman that I have met and helping to support them on their various life journeys.
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The Bawse in NYC/ July 2015 pt 3

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The Bawse in NYC/ July 2015 pt 2


The Bawse in NYC/ July 2015 pt 1


Master Class on National Dance Day 7/25

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Mommy takes Vixen!

Fam shotHello everyone, my name is Jessica Mark.
I am a wife, a mother of 3 beautiful girls and a proud member of the Vixen Army!
As a mother of 3 children ranging in ages 5-12, I know just how hard it is to make all the hectic schedules work.  I just wanted to talk to all the mothers out there who think they can't make it happen.  You really do have the hardest job in life.  It's nonstop, 24/7 and feels more like 30/10 if that was humanly possible, so first, kudos to you for surviving!!!  So, I wanted to share with you all the reasons why you SHOULD do Vixen as a Mom.
Always Dancing
Each of you has a little Vixen in her already (these kids got here somehow, right?  Ay Papi, El Papi???).  When you have children who depend on you for so much, sometimes you lose your mojo.  You dedicate all your efforts to their wants and needs.  Vixen can give that back to you.  It gives you those 60 min. of pure "escapism" from the feeling of anyone relying on you.  All you have to do for that one hour is rely on yourself.  Rely on yourself to look in that mirror, push you body to the limits, let your inner Vixen out and allow yourself to feel sexy again.  The confidence you'll gain is remarkable and you'll be able to return home refreshed and happier.  Some may be thinking, "Hmm, I don't know HOW to get my sexy back besides feeling safe in the class."  Let the Vixen philosophy spill over into your everyday life in small ways.  Put on a statement necklace with your outfit, try out that trend you've been eyeing lately, paint your nails a funkier color than you normally would and try wearing that brighter lipstick in the day time.  Don't have time to do your hair?  Throw it up in a cute topknot and wear some dangly earrings or big studs.  To give yourself a fresher look without doing a full face of make-up, get a great tinted moisturizer, some concealer for under your eyes, mascara and lipstick or gloss.  Just that little goes a long way.  When all else fails, accessorize with some big sunglasses and maybe a cool hat!  Check out Marshalls, T.J. Maxx, Ross or other discount stores for cool inexpensive leggings, tops and sneaker wedges for class and trendier clothes that you may not want to splurge on.  You may even feel so good about yourself that you decide to buy an outfit that you could never see yourself wearing, then feel even better when in 2 months of Vixen, you need to buy a smaller one!!!  It may feel weird at first but great things happen when you step out of your comfort zone.
     In addition to getting your glamazon on, the endorphin rush after this class is no joke!  And we all know the saying, "Happy Wife (Mom), Happy Life!"  Believe me, your family benefits more from you being happy with yourself.  You'll be a better wife (in more ways than one, those Vixen moves can cross over into many an area, lol!) and a better Mom if you can have an outlet like the Vixen Workout to relieve the stress of your daily duties.  So?  How can you make this happen if you're concerned about getting to the class?
Lemme give you a few ideas:
1) Talk to your significant other and express how important this class is to you. Most men need concrete, logical examples so think of a good comparison.  Something like, "Honey, you know how you love to (insert hobby/sport/etc. here), well, that's like this class for me.  Hopefully, that will get your point across and they will be supportive.
2) As hard as it is, (especially with the unpredictability of kids) try to schedule you class(es) out the week before.  That way you can get stuff done to allot for the time spent at class that night.
3) If your significant other works late, try to get a babysitter once in a while.  Ask a family member or maybe barter with a friend.  "Hey, I'll watch your kid(s) so you can go get your hair done one night and maybe you can watch mine so I can go to Vixen."
4) If you can schedule out the day(s) you can come to class, try and meal prep.  You can make dinner early that day and have your significant other heat it up later.  Or even better, declare it pizza or any other yummy take-out food night.
5) Always keep a bag of clean "Vixen appropriate clothes" in a bag in your car if you come from work or lay out your clothes the day before class.  One less thing to do.
     I've been doing Vixen consistently for almost 9 months now, and I can tell you, I am so thankful every time I take that class for what it gives me both physically and mentally.  Yes, I have a husband, 3 children and a home to take care of and yes, each child is asking me to help them do something as I write this.  The 5 year old is actually pulling on my leg.  Yes, I CAN and WILL devote time to how I feel about ME.  I make myself a priority in small ways compared to what I do for the rest of my family and yes, it is absolutely essential.  Yes it's important to keep your sexy for your significant other, but more importantly for your own sense of self.  Yes, you should make time to take care of your body AND mind.  Yes, with a stress-reliever you'll be more productive in anything you attempt to accomplish.  Yes, you deserve it.  See, the operative word here is YES.  So the Vixen affirmation applies to me really every day and in every situation in life…"Yes I'm sexy, Yes I'm fierce, Yes I got this, YES!"
Vixen Affirmation