[gallery ids="699,701" type="rectangular"] Sooooo, you are thinking about becoming a Vixen Instructor.  Yasss!  We are excited to have you join the fam and we're sure you have tons of questions.  We've put together this Instructor Certification FAQ to answer any questions you may have.  Not to toot our own bedazzled horn, but if you've followed us over the last couple of years you've probably noticed that the Vixen Workout has been the most talked about dance fitness program in the media.  Imagine how exciting it will be for you to be one of the first to bring Vixen to your area?  Not to mention, we will provide you with all the tools you need to teach your Vixen Workouts and create your own community of #vixenarmy screen-shot-2016-05-02-at-11-03-48-am How do I become a Vixen Instructor? You can become a Certified Vixen Workout Instructor by completing our online Vixen Phase 1 course, attending our Phase 1 training, and passing the test at the end of the day. If you are granted a Certification, you will then be required to join our Vixen instructor portal, “The Base” for $24.99 a month. You must have an active membership with “The Base” in order to use the Vixen Workout IP. What does being a certified instructor mean? It means you have a license to use the Vixen Workout IP after successfully completing the online guide and 8hr training and passed your performance exam at the end of the the training. Are there Prerequisites? Do I have to have professional Dance or Fitness Experience?Any woman 18 years or older may attend a Vixen Instructor Training. There are no prerequisites for taking the Vixen Instructor Training. However, it helps if you've already taken a Vixen class before or if you have previous experience in dance or teaching group exercise classes.   You will need to show your ability to pick up choreography. Not to worry; many of our Master trainers were former students who did not have any teaching experience. How do I prepare? Set aside the 2 weeks prior to your training date for studying. You will receive a link with access to our Online Vixen University with our library of basic moves, technique, & several Phase 1 routines. You must complete this guide prior to attending training. Why do I have to study before my training? Aren’t you suppose to teach me what I need to know at training? Our goal is to prepare our instructors with the tools they need to be successful teaching a Vixen Workout. Vixen Phase 1 consists of a lot of content that you need in order to have an understanding of what you're learning in order to recreate the Vixen experience. In order for us to get through this training in only 8hrs, you need to do your homework. Vixen Phase 1 is divided into Technique (Where you need to know the names of the moves, how to correctly execute the moves, and what muscles each move is working). Method: How to teach Vixen (Class intros & outros, Cueing, Mneumonic Devices, motivation) Choreography: A Vixen Workout class consists of at least 10 routines. You have to learn and correctly execute 10 routines in different styles of dance prior to teaching. Style: How to execute the movement correctly and clearly. Does everyone receive a Vixen instructor certification after completing the training? No, not everyone who attends will receive a certification to teach. It is important for us to see that you will be able to replicate the Vixen Workout experience.   We will need to see that you can execute Vixen workout moves clearly and represent the brand effectively in your city.  Don’t worry, you have 2 whole weeks to practice your Vixen combinations prior to attending training and we will be reviewing them during training day. Remember, our best instructors were our clients not dancers. If you have no experience, you’ll just have to spend more time preparing prior to your training and more time practicing before you begin teaching. What can I teach with a Phase 1 certification You can teach a Phase 1 Vixen Workout & Vixen 101's How much does it cost? and whats included? Certifications cost Regular: $299.00 15 days or less: $328.00 You’ll receive: Access to the Vixen University Full color Vixen Instructor Manual 8hr Live Training with a Vixen Master trainer What is the Base and is it mandatory? The Base is our Vixen instructor portal where we provide you with the Videos, choreography tutorials, Teaching how-to’s, and marketing & business materials. It is mandatory to join the Base upon certification. We charge only $24.99 a month for full access to all of our materials. Why is it mandatory? Vixen Instructors can only teach choreography provided by the Vixen Workout. It is important for the quality of the brand that instructors provide the same experience where ever they teach. If I am not planning on teaching right away can I freeze my membership? You can only freeze your membership for a total of 3 months in a year before your membership becomes inactive & you will be required to retake the Certification. Why? As with any reputable occupation, a professional is expected to keep up-to-date on industry knowledge and stay fresh with their industry skills. Vixen wants its instructors to be the best in the industry and maintain a high level of expertise and proficiency. To help instructors attain and maintain this status, having an active membership on the Base is mandatory. What if I attended the training and did not receive a certification? Do I get a refund? No. Your certification fee includes the online guide & 8r Live Training.  The Master Trainer might decide to give you a "Pass-Pending" video submission which would give you the opportunity to submit a video correcting the notes your Master Trainer gave you.  If you do not get a pass pending, you will have to try again at our next training which are approximately 6 months apart. Make sure you practice and come better prepared for your next try. There are no refunds but you will receive 50% off your next cert if you are retesting within 6 months of your first training. What if I paid for certification and I need to cancel? If you are unable to attend your training, you have two options: 1. You can request a refund. If you cancel your registration 30 or more days before your training date, you will incur a $25 USD cancellation fee. 2 weeks prior your training date is when you will receive your pre-certification study packets, at that point we do not accept cancellations and do not offer refunds. You will however, be able to transfer your registration to another certification for a transfer fee of $15. If I can’t attend the training that I registered for, can I transfer it to another certification? If you are unable to attend an Instructor Training, you can transfer your payment to another Instructor Training. Please keep in mind that a transfer fee of $15 USD will be applied and that you are responsible for any possible difference in price (including differences due to rush/early bird rates). If I attend a training can I teach in a different state or Country? Yes, you can teach the Vixen Workout anywhere except in our restricted areas.  Restricted areas are the areas where our Master Trainers teach Vixen Workouts. South Florida: Miami Dade County NY: Manhattan All other areas are open for you to teach and create your own Vixen Workout business. I'm a fitness professional, can I get CEU's by attending this training? Yes, we are an approved provider for AFAA & ACE.  Fitness professionals receive: ACE .7 CEU's and AFAA 8 CEU's How do I keep my certification active? In order to teach and work as a Vixen Instructor your membership with the Base MUST be active. If not Active you are NOT able to teach a Vixen Workout class. To help instructors maintain the quality of the brand, Vixen provides numerous opportunities for continuing education and recommends all Vixen Instructors to log-in 8hrs of additional training with the Vixen Workout or AFAA & ACE. After receiving a certificate, when can I start teaching? After completing the Instructor Training, you can begin teaching whenever you feel comfortable and ready with the Vixen Phase 1 combinations. Every instructor is a licensee of the Vixen Workout, which gives you the freedom to set your own schedule, rates, terms, agreements, etc. at any facility you choose. In your instructor Vixen portal, you will have access to all of the phase 1 combination instructional videos as well as other supplemental videos on teaching technique. Some fitness facilities require their instructors to have a general group exercise certification. The Vixen program is considered a specialty certificate, just like pilates or yoga. Ask your local fitness facility what their requirements are in order for you to teach at their facility. You can always obtain a Vixen certificate first and then obtain a general certification. Some facilities may allow you to start teaching Vixen classes as long as you have a Vixen certificate and evidence that you are working to obtain a general certification. Two highly recognized certifications are ACE and AFAA. For details, go to acefitness.org or afaa.com. If you have any other questions please email: Certifications@vixenworkout.com screen-shot-2016-09-20-at-12-20-42-pm
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