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Sonya's #Transformationtuesday


Truly, more than any external transformation, I've evolved with an internal transformation because of Vixen. I'm always a jolly person cracking jokes and enjoying life, but I remember there was a time, where there were so many problems I was facing in my personal life, that I'd just drive and wait like 7 hours in the parking lot of body & soul because I had nowhere else to go. I'd literally just wait in my car waiting for Vixen to start. To go from that wait-time of contemplation, crying, and confusion to suddenly walk into a class full of just...

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The road to Vixen

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This week, we posted a Transformation Tuesday post on Instagram encouraging our #vixenarmy to share their weight-loss stories.  Reading through all of them has simply brought me to tears.  It is so incredibly humbling to see that the purpose of why Vixen was created is being served.  I happen to share a few of the instagram posts with my friend Robin (who's also an avid #vixenarmy member and publicist)  and her response was a simple "Doesn't this make it all worth it?"....Hell Yeah it is. Along with the many blessings of entrepreneurship comes many struggles, stresses, and many sleepless nights....

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Transformation Tuesday:Letter from Christie Rodriguez

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My name is Christie Rodriguez. I have been attending Vixen classes for the last six months. As I sit here and write this, I am amazed at how much my life has changed in what is relatively a short period of time. Last June, I was working at a summer camp and I was asked to review some pictures that we had taken on one of our field trips. As I was sorting through them, I saw something that shocked me to the point that then and there I knew I had to make a change ASAP.

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