Transformation- Sonya Truly, more than any external transformation, I've evolved with an internal transformation because of Vixen. I'm always a jolly person cracking jokes and enjoying life, but I remember there was a time, where there were so many problems I was facing in my personal life, that I'd just drive and wait like 7 hours in the parking lot of body & soul because I had nowhere else to go. I'd literally just wait in my car waiting for Vixen to start. To go from that wait-time of contemplation, crying, and confusion to suddenly walk into a class full of just being able to let it all go and release it through movement, through bumping music loud enough to feel vibrations in my body made me feel alive again.. made me feel like nothing else mattered. That I was here at this moment and it was healing. Vixen has become my method of meditation cuz it's the only time where I can easily disconnect and be so live and present that it leaves me refreshed and just so happy and like a badass afterwards lol. More than anything, the reassurance that hey, life will throw curveballs but to be at your optimal state to handle those things, you NEED to absolutely take care of you, and that this is your outlet was like… FINALLY! I am my most authentic self in class because it's not about just putting in werk lol, it’s about letting loose and going so HAM in a judgement free zone that you sweat all that stress out. And because of that acceptance of myself, I bring that authenticity more and more outside those body & soul walls and really just try to live it IN my body and soul. Ever since I started these classes, Vixen has consistently been in my top 3 things to be grateful for in life. That last dance where we end with that Rihanna song usually puts me on the brink of tears, because the words in that song come to life at the moment and just mean so real. It puts you in the moment of look… we conquered another challenging workout and we ended with sweat and smiles on our faces. It’s a reminder that you can conquer anything but to do it with swag and your invisible crown because we are all queens and that’s all that truly matters in life. Thank you for Vixen. It means so much more to me than I could ever express. fullsizerender with love, Sonya ❤
July 26, 2016 — 58945583

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